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At last it seems that the author makes much of the dialogic, horizontal relation of man to his national community, which thanks to the integrating positive influence of geographic, ethnic and linguistic unity constitutes for an individual a very special community, a community of basic loyalty — with such a community a personality is inclined to lead a particularly frequent and vivid teenylovers dialogue. I would add that in front of such community a man feels most free and able to develop all his potential abilities. Von Hildebrand published his first and more extensive analysis of hu­man freedom in Christian Ethics, which is a keystone of the phenomenolog­ical-realist ethics. In this work Hildebrand introduces the notion of freedom as a mark of the human will, as young girls hardcore had already done in the Teeny Lovers Movies. In Christian Ethics Hildebrand considers the will as that faculty which is the source of a particular kind of act, namely of that kind of volitional act which he calls the "volitional response".

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When the person not only apprehends an object, for example in taking cognizance of a political fact or in being affected by beautiful music, but is also motivated by it and gives it an answer, for example, with the choice of supporting a decision of the government or appreciating the quality of a musical teenylovers performance, we have a special kind of intentional relation, which is the response. The response can be theoretical – when the answer is a cognitive act, directed to the object in its essence and existence, volitional – when the person responds to the importance of the object with an act of will, or affective – when the person responds to the importance of the object with his heart.

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